Meeting Minutes, February 2016

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. He announced that the new and improved PAUA Web site would be switched over within the next few weeks with a whole new look and many new fetchers. Currie added that PAUA now has a Facebook page as well. After the minutes from the previous meeting were approved as they appear on the web page, Currie Lee provided the treasurer’s report. Current bank balance stands at $2,848.82. He also reported membership is now 165, 31 of which are Life Time Members.

Brian Roggow provided the ERAU report. February 20th there will be a FAA Wings Seminar at the old Clubhouse on Clubhouse drive across the street from Legend Aviation. It’s a workshop requiring you to have your own I-Pad and aviation application in order to participate. Details and registration can be found at faasafety.gov. ERAU was also working to locate a vendor to reopen their sandwich shop on the flight-line side of the campus. The Air Race Classic will be starting in Prescott this year on June 21st and end on June 24th in Daytona. ERAU is hosting the event at both ends and ERAU Prescott will have two teams this year. For more information contact: http://www.airraceclassic.org/race-information.htm . John Cox updated us on the snow broom and FOD removal equipment.

While we were considering joining with other airport group in coming up with the matching funds the city had a change in direction and approved the submitting of application for the grant. That’s good news but the city has not yet committed the funds but it is highly likely that they will when the time comes. PAUA is asking that we all hold our commitment to help for future bumps in the road. Only 3 airports in the FAA Western Pacific Region have been targeted by the FAA for a massive influx of Federal Dollars. They are Las Vegas McCarren, Phoenix Sky Harbor and Prescott. Las Vegas McCarren has declined so now the FAA is looking to spend all of those millions at Phoenix Sky Harbor and Prescott. The Arizona Department of Transportation is ready to contribute their share. These dollars in Airport projects will be offered to Prescott at 2 ½ cents per dollar.

Our Airport Manager, John Cox, has achieved more Airport improvements in 18 months than had been accomplished in the previous 10 years. Today, he has given the citizens of Prescott an airport that is worth millions of dollars more than when he arrived. His achievements have not gone unnoticed by the FAA and he has provided them with insight to the potential of Prescott Airport. It is not by accident that these FAA and ADOT dollars are finding their way to Prescott. Ted pointed out that now is not the time to be penny wise and pound foolish. The first million dollar project is a major update to the Airport Master Plan which is the key to our Airports future. Again, the FAA and ADOT stand ready to do the heavy lifting at 97 ½ %. There are many serious funding issues for the city right now but they can’t afford to let this huge influx of improvements to one of the city’s most valuable assets slip away.

Geoff Kusel, veteran Prescott Tower Controller, gave us an update on Tower staffing and the training that was going on. He also expanded on the new Geographical Position Markings that were currently being added. In addition to “1Z” in the bottleneck Area, 4 more would be soon added. Ted Wickstrom opened a discussion with all members present.

Ted as president of PAUA went through the formal process of requesting to address the city council at one of the open meetings. When nothing happened he followed up and was told that his application had been lost so he applied again. Twice he was told he would be put on the schedule but it did not happen. He was finally told that he would not be able to address the council. This is not the first indication that we seem to have a problem with the City Manager who appears to be the source of this road block. With a common interest in the future wellbeing of Prescott Airport, PAUA feels we should be allies and the last thing we want is any type of adversarial relationship with city management, at any level.

PAUA is a group of 165 Prescott Citizens, 165 Prescott Airport tenant’s, 165 city taxpayers and 165 folks doing their best to support our airport. We clearly do not expect the city to necessarily agree with us on all Airport matters but we expect the opportunity to be heard. After a long discussion several felt addressing issues or concerns to individual councilmen or councilwomen in an informal setting might be the best way to proceed until this issue can be corrected.

At the close of our meeting, three of our members who have Hangars in the bottlenecks raised a safety concern about Taxiway Alpha in the location where it is adjacent to the Bottle Hangars. While the issue was about helicopters, it was not about normal helicopter taxiing operations. It was a rotor blast issues when conducting 180 degree turns or other maneuvers on Alpha when adjacent to the hangars. All three said they had to deal with flying debris inside their hangars on more than one occasion. The helicopters involved were yellow R22’s and yellow R44’s. Initially, making Universal Helicopter aware of the issue may be all that is required to resolve this issue. The meeting was adjourned at 8:53 PM.

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