Prescott Airport Construction Updates

Subject: Airfield Construction and Project Update 2.0 (Latest)

Pavement repair operations have shifted to Tuesday 4/12 and Wednesday 4/13 due to inclement weather forecast and additional surveying work. Sign replacement at TWY C3 was put on hold for today, Friday 4/8 due to weather and should recommence next week, potentially as early as Monday, 4/11. Seeding operations are still tentatively scheduled for the OVERNIGHT of Wednesday 4/13 into Thursday 4/14. I do not have an update at this time on proposed schedule for additional airfield pavement marking applications, however, I will update as schedules and timing become available. As always, we thank you for your continued support. I will continue to update you on these activities as I am able.

prescott airport construction updates

Subject: Airfield Construction and Project Update 1.0 We are quickly coming to the final phases of our airfield construction and VISAID projects. We still have several outstanding items that must be completed which will require the closure of Runways and Taxiways. Starting on Monday 4/11 through Tuesday 4/12 we will begin pavement repair operations required for the improved airfield lighting and VISAIDS projects. These pavement repairs are inside of the Runway Safety Area (RSA) for Runway 3R/21L and Runway 12/30 and will require crews to be inside the RSA and immediately adjacent to the Runway edge. We will be closing Runway 3R/21L to aircraft under 12,500 with a 20-30min PPR, similar to the closure in place today for our airfield painting operation. Once work within the Runway 3R/21L RSA is completed, we will reopen this runway and shift our operations to Runway 12/30 and close it as while work is completed. Also the night of Monday 4/11 (this is pending weather and airfield conditions) we will be seeding all areas of the electrical project where trenching, digging, boring, etc. work took place in order to restore and stabilize the soils within these areas. This operation will be all over the field and will require rolling closures. Please be aware that communications will be conducted on CTAF after ATCT closes and it is important to stay informed of current closures or conditions by checking NOTAMs. New signage is tentatively scheduled to be installed for the Hold Position System at TWY C3 on Thursday and Friday (4/7 & 4/8) - this will necessitate a closure of TWY C3 and TWY C at C3 while crews and equipment are in that area. Finally, I do not currently have a schedule, but it is our intention to continue airfield painting operations and address several areas where markings are in need of new paint and glass beads. I hope to have a schedule and a list of areas we will be addressing later this week, and I will keep you posted. As always, the Airport team is grateful for your continued support as we make these improvements. Please feel free to share this information with your employees, students, stakeholders, and other interested or affected parties. Have a wonderful day, Ms. Jayme Verish, C.M. Airport Operations & Maintenance Supervisor [EmailPrescott-City-Logo_web.png]<>; Prescott Municipal Airport/Ernest A. Love Field 6546 Crystal Lane | Prescott, AZ 86301 Ph: 928-777-1114 | Fax: 928-771-5861<>

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