PAUA Meeting Highlights 04.19.2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom.

Ted introduced ERAU Race Classic Team Members Hannah Rooney and Rachel Hutsell.

Treasurers Report

After the minutes from the previous meeting were approved as they appear on the PAUA web site, Currie Lee provided the treasurer’s report.

  • Current bank balance stands at $2,977.82.

  • He also reported membership is now 165.

  • The new Web site had approximately 1,200 hits for March. Launches Aviation Section in the News

Ted then extended a special thanks to Guy Roginson of Prescott E-news for all of his development and design work for the new PAUA Web site. Guy took a few moments to explain a new link to Prescott E-news aviation page covering the latest stories taking place in our aviation community.

Transponder Operation Procedures

PAUA recently became aware that many pilots are unaware of recent changes to TRANSPONDER operation procedures. For that reason the FAA’s “Safety Alert for Operators 15006” can be found in its entirety on the PAUA web page. In short, anytime you are in the air or on the ground in any airport movement area and at any airport, your transponder and model C should be on, if so equipped. If you are ADS-B equipped, it should also be enabled.

This safety alert also advises operators to add these items to the aircraft check list.

ERAU Report Brian Roggow provided the ERAU report. Enrollment at ERAU continues to climb at 7 to 10% in all course majors. On May 9th there will be an open CFI workshop and on May 13th there will be a Helicopter Safety Symposium at the ERAU Davis Learning Center. Details for each can be found on

Brian is also a member of the Prescott Airport Safety Team. At their recent meeting they reviewed all of the safety issues that had been identified for our airport and made suggestions for needed changes. One such item was the need for new signage for Taxiway Hotel 1 and 2 which had been creating some confusion among operators. During the last year, we have had 9 runway incursions and 5 runway excursions. While those are clearly not acceptable numbers, that is against a backdrop of 273,000 total aircraft operations. It was also during a year of wide spread airport construction projects which added to the confusion.

Prescott Airport is number 34 in total traffic in the USA but among airports without major airline traffic, it is number 2 in the USA.

KPRC Tower Update Geoff Kusel of Prescott Tower gave us an update on Tower staffing. Prescott Tower currently has 9 fully certified controllers but one of those will be leaving in June and another in July. They currently have 6 controllers in training. The FAA Flight Check Aircraft that was supposed to re-certify our approaches last week had a mechanical problem and is down for repairs. Once it’s back in service they will reschedule. When that occurs, pilots are likely to experience extensive delays as the FAA will be doing multiple sweeping approaches to all runways.

GUEST SPEAKERS - 2016 Air Race Classic Pilots Rooney & Hutsell The program for the night was put on by our guests Hannah Rooney and Rachel Hutsell of ERAU. They make up one of two ERAU teams that will compete in this years’ Air Race Classic. This 4 day air race starts in Prescott this year and ends in Daytona Beach so ERAU will be hosting the event at both ends. It will involve 54 teams and 181 pilots. The pilots will arrive in Prescott on June 18th for briefing and prep. The race will start on June 21st and end on the 24th and cover 2,500 miles. It will be a VFR daylight event only. We wish our Prescott ERAU teams the very best.

New Business Under new business PAUA has been unable to contact PAUA Vice-President Jeremy Davalos by phone or email. He has not attended a PAUA Board meeting in over 6 months. PAUA by-laws require that this position be filled. Based on prolonged lack of response Ted made a motion to assume that the position has been vacated by Jeremy. The motion was passed by all 7 board members present. Ted made another motion to assign board member Ken Foote as PAUA Vice-President until the next annual election. Again, the motion was passed by all board members present.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 PM.

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