PAUA Meeting Highlights 07.19.2016


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM by PAUA Vice President Ken Foote. Currie Lee provided the treasurer’s report.

Treasurers Report - Membership

Current bank balance stands at $3462.92. He also reported membership is 164.

Special Guests

Ken Foote took a minute to introduce a couple of our special guests for the evening. They were Arizona State Representative Noel Campbell, Mary Beth Hirn and Mr. Terry Hansen representing the Marine Corps.

Prescott Airport Users Association Website

PAUA Marketing & Membership Growth

Guy Roginson provided an update on the Website and discussed some of his ideas about the future of PAUA. He felt that the individual dues should be increased from the current $10 per year to $25 per year. He also wanted to see more focus on more social interaction, creating value for the PAUA, and entertainment (like flyins, flyout, and promotional events). He felt using the new Website and new marketing initiatives would increase membership. Roginson indicated he’d like to get started on some of those things right away. Ken Foote suggested we take some time to consider feedback from members and other Board members. It was agreed that those comments should be sent to Ken Foote’s email address which is ( ). Ken will serve as a collection point and share those comments with the board.

Currie added a note on the Website. We are currently on Facebook and anyone who clicks they like PAUA will automatically receive all meeting notices and any of our special alerts from PAUA.

ERAU Upate - Brian Roggow

Brian Roggow provided the ERAU report. He covered some of the details from the recent Air Race Classic. The race was won by two ladies from ERAU Daytona. Both ERAU Prescott teams completed the race successfully. Fall enrollment for ERAU Prescott is up by another 10% this year.

ERAU Website

FAA Tower Update - Geoff Kusel

Geoff Kusel Provided the FAA Tower update. First was a procedural change that will not be noticed by most pilots. In the past when holding an aircraft on the runway “Line up and wait” or when additional aircraft will be departing prior to your arrival, controllers were required to point out the traffic and tell the arriving aircraft to continue. Subsequently the arriving aircraft would be told to continue downwind. This may seem a small issue but these redundant instructions added workload of the controller and added to frequency congestion from both the pilot and controller. This is a negative impact on all users. Now the controller may use either instruction and is not required to use both as they should have the same meaning to the pilot.

Next Kusel discussed a recent safety issue. When the Tower is closed, the active runway is Runway 21L/3R with right traffic. Runway 21R and 3L is CLOSED when the tower is closed and that is for good reason. Case in point happened on July 15, 2016 at 0545 MST. An aircraft left the Bottleneck hangars and taxied on Alpha 1 to runway 21R. He then pulled onto runway 21R and announced on ground control 121.7 that he was about to depart. As luck would have it, the controller was already up in the cab getting everything set up for the day. When he heard that departure call on ground frequency he immediately told aircraft to hold position. Yes, he was departing on a closed runway and not on the proper frequency (CTAF 125.3) but that was not the biggest problem. What sprung the controller into action was five helicopters in the runway 21L traffic pattern, all correctly in right traffic while the tower is closed. The departing aircraft would have been climbing through multiple helicopters on a right crosswind.

Geoff cautioned all of us to remember Runway 3L/21R is closed when the tower is closed and all aircraft movements should be on the CTAF 125.3 when the tower is closed.

FAA airspace chart Prescott Airport

Prescott Airport Update - John Cox

Road Access / Terminal Location

Airport Manager John Cox provided an update on the Airport. Most recent were changes in road access around the airport. Willow Creek Road access across from the current Airport Main entrance is now closed but Mac Curdy Drive remains open. Deep Well Ranch road connector to Willow Creek road and Highway 89 is now open and continues beyond to direct access to the airport. Ruger Road remains open. Crystal Lane will be realigned to flow from the Deep Well Ranch and Ruger Road intersection. This may create some traffic delays during the construction but it will be completed by September so as not to be an issue during our AOPA Regional fly-in. The city is pursuing a Grant to do an Environmental Impact study on the selected location for the new Airport Terminal. A recent aircraft incident highlighted that our current terminal is not in the safest location. This issue is currently under discussion with both city and state officials.

Prescott Airport

ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting)

Another issue has been a proposal to reduce the hours that the city maintains their ARFF equipment and fire crew standby. The only way that the ARFF crews can be notified is by the Tower. When the Tower is closed they would have to rely on some passerby to make a 911 call. ARFF is an equipment standby requirement for commercial aircraft operation. Historically such operations while the tower is closed are pretty much nonexistent at Prescott. The savings would be substantial and those dollars would remain in the airport fund. Not all agree with that policy so there may be more discussion on this issue.

Special Guest Presentation - Terry Hansen, USMC Airspace Representative

USMC SUA Airspace


The program for the night was by Mr. Terry Hansen. He is the Marine Corps Airspace Representative from Twenty Nine Palms USMC Training area. He provided a program showing the kind of training being conducted there. They have the real estate they need but they are now seeking the airspace overhead. He contends that this airspace usage would impact no one and even the AOPA had no problems with it. It seems that view may not be shared by everyone.


For another view visit: . As it turns out, this airspace request extends well beyond any USMC ground holdings and well into Arizona. The AOPA has been fighting this proposal since 2009. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.


The next Prescott Airport Users Association Meeting is August 16, 2016. More info on this will be distributed to members and the public at large shortly. All are welcome! Let's share the passion!

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