Aviation Events Update

Thanks to our Arizona Pilots Association, here are the latest aviation events for the next few months!


Aug 13 Breakfast Club to Winslow La Posada

Aug 20 Laughlin Bullhead Honoring National Aviation Day

Aug 20 Benson's Can't-Pass-Gas-Saturday Breakfast Fly-in

Aug 27 26th Annual Land of Enchantment Fly-In in Albuquerque

Aug 27 Thunder Over Flagstaff

Aug 27 Casa Grande Monthly Breakfast at Foxtrot Cafe


Sep 2-4 Pleasant Valley Young Backcountry Fly-In Labor Day Celebration

Sep 9-11 Weekend Getaway to Long Beach, CA

Sep 17 Grapevine Monthly Fly-In Weekend

Sep 17 Benson's Can't-Pass-Gas-Saturday Breakfast Fly-in

Sep 24 Casa Grande Monthly Breakfast at Foxtrot Cafe


Sep 30-Oct 1 AOPA Fly-In at Prescott, AZ

Oct 1 Douglas Fly-to-the-Border Pancake Breakfast

Oct 1 Coolidge (P08) Monthly Fly-In Breakfast

Oct 7-9 Double Circle Ranch Backcountry Fly-In Camp

Oct 8 Wickenburg Fly-in & Classic Car Show

Oct 8 Pegasus Breakfast Fly-In for Hope Kids

Oct 13 APA Fall Social at the Monastery Restaurant in Mesa

Oct 15 Grapevine Monthly Fly-In Weekend

Oct 15 Falcon Warbirds Pancake Breakfast Fly-In

Oct 15 Benson's Can't-Pass-Gas-Saturday Breakfast Fly-in

Oct 28-29 COPPERSTATE Fly-In at Mesa's Falcon Field

Oct 29 Casa Grande Monthly Breakfast at Foxtrot Cafe

For more info, and link to the Arizona Pilots Association calendar / website, go to: http://azpilots.org/jcalendar/month.calendar/2016/08/09/-

If you don't already, you can follow the AZ Pilots Association Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/AZPilots.org/

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