August 2016 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as published on the website. Currie Lee provided the treasurer’s report. Current bank balance stands at $3492.94. He also reported membership is up by 3 to 167.


Guy Roginson reported the website activity included 306 sessions.


Tower Controller Geoff Kusel provided an update. In late August Deer Valley Airport (KDVT) would be closing their north parallel runway for about 10 days. During that period some of their heavy flight training activity is expected to be using Prescott. The FAA recently updated a final rule on Drone operations or “UAS” as the term they are currently using (Unmanned Air/Aircraft Systems). The new changes now allow for UAS operations with in Class Delta airspace at designated locations. In general all requests for UAS operations beyond 3 miles from Prescott airport and at 100 feet AGL and below will automatically be approved by the FAA. Likewise, all UAS operations beyond 6 miles and at 400 feet AGL and below would also be approved. Others will be case by case.


Brian Roggow provided the ERAU report. ERAU fall enrollment is up by 10%. ERAU will be heavily involved with the AOPA Regional Fly-In. A FAA Wings Safety Seminar will be coming up on 9/27/16 at the DLC on the ERAU campus. This one provides details on available resources when using the FAA Wings Training system. For more details on this program go to https://www.faasafety.gov/.


Airport Manager John Cox provided the airport update. Using a PowerPoint, John covered all of the available details on the upcoming AOPA Regional Fly-In on September 30th and October 1st. It also included fly-in parking for up to 300 aircraft, location of aircraft static displays, visitor access points, crowd lines and show center with all of its tents for the many special activities. Based on the level of interest, number of volunteers and organizations involved, the turnout for this AOPA Regional Fly-In is expected to compare favorably to the past successful AOPA Regional Fly-Ins at Chino California and Colorado Springs. The Kickoff party for the AOPA Regional Fly-In will be held in the North-Aire Hangar Friday night (9/30/16). A special work PARTY will be held on September 3rd at the Noth-Aire Hangar in order to get it cleaned up for the event. A request for volunteers to help has been put out by the Airport. If you would like to volunteer please contact Dave Roy at dave@guidance.aero.

Kurt Dalton has been appointed as Prescott Airports Interim Operations and Maintenance Supervisor.

The Crystal Lane Realignment project continues to move along with water line and storm drain construction currently underway. Through August 25 some delays can be expected with one lane of traffic from 7 AM to 6 PM. The new Hangar Waiting List procedure has been finalized. In short, if you’re on the waiting list for a Hangar and you’re offered one but turn it down, you go to the bottom of the list. The next time you are offered one but decline, you will be removed from the list and forfeit your deposit. However, anyone currently on the waiting list who wishes to have their name removed will have their deposit refunded.


The Program for the night was a presentation by Board Member Guy Roginson. Guy put forward his vision for PAUA over the next 5 years. He outlined several outreach and marketing ideas to help PAUA grow into a multifaceted organization with more creditability in our aviation community. To be successful in this effort he felt strongly that PAUA needed a more reasonable revenue stream as well as more involvement with the community, events, and giving back to the community by way of aviation scholarships, etc.. One of the items he recommended was increasing the membership dues for one year from the current $10 a year to $25, two years for $45, three years for $55 and life for $250. He also provided a list of increased fees for corporate sponsors. Guy provided details on how this increased revenue could help PAUA accomplish its goals. He felt our current format was generally dry and boring and we would soon fade away if we did not make changes like community involvement, enhancing the social aspect of the PAUA and proactively engaging the city leadership as opposed to be only a watchdog group. He also recommended that we have a Hangar party in September for all PAUA members and others from our aviation and city communities. After a very lengthy discussion without headway, Currie Lee made a motion which included some of Guy’s points. It was as follows: 1. Board Approval of selling corporate sponsorships (previously not approved). 2. Utilize the corporate sponsorship rates as outlined in Guy’s presentation. 3. Retain the $10 membership rate, at least for now. 4. PAUA will retain its role as a ”Watchdog Group” perusing the concerns of our aviation community. The motion was amended with a 5th item to including approval of Guy’s idea about a Hangar party for the September meeting. All board members present voted, one disapproved with the rest approving. The motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 PM.

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