PAUA Board Meeting Minutes for September 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by PAUA Board Member Currie Lee. President Ted Wickstrom was delayed at a previous meeting and Vice President Ken Foote provided advance notice that he would be unable to attend. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as published on the website. Currie Lee provided the treasurer’s report. Current bank balance stands at $3508.94. He also reported membership stands at 167. Guy Roginson reported the website activity included 150 secessions. Tower Controller Geoff Kusel provided an update. Arrival and departure routes were in the process of being finalized for next week’s AOPA Regional Fly-In. Both Prescott Tower and Phoenix Approach would be providing extra staffing to handle the event. Board member Brian Roggow was out of town so we did not have an ERAU update. John Cox provided the airport update. The big topic of the day is the AOPA Regional Fly-In just a week away. Detailed information on the event can be found at . John discussed the many last minute details that the City and Airport were attending to. He also mentioned that AOPA was still looking for up to 100 more volunteers. One PAUA member complained that he has volunteered with AOPA using their procedure but no one has gotten back with him. A second PAUA member had the same problem. John put a sheet of paper on the table and told the group, if you volunteered and have not heard back provide your name and phone number or email address and he would assure someone from AOPA would get back to you. John was questioned about the quagmire of construction on Crystal Lane. John explained that that project had missed its September 15 deadline due to the uncovering of several underground utility lines that were not in their designated locations. In spite of the current mess, John assured us that some type of serviceable road would be in place prior to the weekend of the event. John also covered some of the good news in the Airport Revenue stream. The FAA has renewed its lease on the Airways Facilities Operations building (the old FAA AFSS Building built in 1984) for $100,000 a year for 20 years. That’s two million to the Airport Enterprise Fund. The TSA has also renewed and extended its lease. Coming up soon will be the contract for Essential Air Service but at this point it is unclear who the interested parties might be. The City of Prescott has approved the Airport proposal to go forward with a Grant request for $1,000,000 for an Airport Master Plan. In order for the FAA and ADOT to invest in Prescott Airport they require a detailed plan and vision for the airport. It must be all inclusive covering all contingencies. It must be based on reality and be attainable. To that end the City has contracted with Delta Airport Consultants, one of the top consulting firms in the country. John then turned over the meeting to Delta’s Team leader for this project, Mr. Doug Sanders. Doug provided a presentation covering many of the details and studies that this project would entail. It would extend well beyond the airport itself and reach out to concerns in neighboring communities. It would cover airport safety issues on the surface and in the air. Surveys for airport users and nonusers will be going out. The Airport goals would largely be based on forecasted and projected demands on the airport. To be meaningful the plan will need to incorporate input from all segments of our community and beyond. While the plan may contain an airport vision out to 20 years, the focus for the FAA will be at 5 years and 10 years. The data that must be collected, compiled and studied is extensive and the conclusion must be credible. The timeline for this project will be about 18 months and it started on September 20, 2016. Mr. Sanders says he will provide updates on the project at our PAUA Board meetings from time to time. John Cox was asked about the Cities plan for an Airport advisory group. John said it would likely develop into 2 groups. The Airport Advisory group would be more political containing community leaders, councilmen, leaders of adjacent communities and perhaps a State Representative. The other group would be called “Airport Managers Working Group” consisting of representatives from our aviation community. Under new business, there was a discussion on aircraft noise abatement. It appears that there is growing dissatisfaction among a group of Antelope Hills residents regarding flyovers. Air traffic Controller Geoff Kusel agreed to take the issue back to the Prescott Tower Air Traffic Manager. The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 PM.

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