PAUA Meeting Minutes - Oct 18

PrescotteNews.com Prescott Airport Fly-In

Courtesy of PrescotteNews.com

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by PAUA Vice President Ken Foote. President Ted Wickstrom was out of town. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as published on the website.

Treasurers Report

Currie Lee provided the treasurer’s report. Current bank balance stands at $3620.94. He also reported membership stands at 167.

Marketing - PR Update

Guy Roginson was out of town on business, but he passed on monthly marketing update information to Ken Foote. For the last month there were 226 web sessions. The most searched item was “Prescott Airport events”. Guy has also initiated a series of Pod-Casts with interviews of key people on subjects that will affect the future of our airport. The podcast segment is called #FLYPRESCOTT and can be heard at www.QuadPodAZ.com. Most of our members have already seen the interview with our Airport Manager, John Cox. Expect to see more of these with links to the Pod-Cast on our website. The most recent #FLYPRESCOTT podcasts have been embedded below, covering the recent AOPA fly-in:

Interview with John Cox, Prescott Airport Manager:

Interview with Chris Eads, Director of Outreach and Events, AOPA:

ERAU Update

Brian Roggow provided the ERAU report. ERAU Prescott recently received very high ranking in several areas of education both statewide and nationally. As far as post-graduation Career Placement and employment goes, they were ranked #1 in Arizona. Enrollment continues to grow and is now more than 2,200 students. For the last several years, the growth rate has been about 10% across all majors.

PrescotteNews.com Prescott Airport Fly-In

Courtesy of PrescotteNews.com

FAA Wings Seminar

An FAA Wings Seminar will be held at the Davis Learning Center on October 27thstarting 6:30 PM. Preregistration can be done on https://www.faasafety.gov or when you arrive at the door. The subject is on winter hazards and icing.

Tower Update

Tower Controller Geoff Kusel was not available but Brian covered some of the subjects that came up at their safety meeting. Many were common problems in a training environment but were not unique to any one group. Keying the mic in the middle of other transmissions, starting transmissions before keying the mic, failure to read back required instructions and excessive transmissions of nonessential information just to name a few. A group conversation expanded on these communication problems and how they contribute to frequency congestion. It was also pointed out that some of the ATC legalese created by FAA lawyers have also contributed to unnecessary frequency congestion.

KPRC Update

The Airport update was provided by Airport Manager, John Cox. John’s first piece of good news was that our new Prescott City Manager, Mr. Michael Lamar was now on board. John was highly impressed with his skills and attitude and other city officials seem to agree. Mr. Lamar comes from a community just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He loves it here and so does his 10 year old daughter so John expects he’ll be with us for some time to come. John covered the many airport projects that are currently underway or in the planning stage. Front and center is the new Airport Master Plan which is just getting underway. It will be an all-inclusive plan covering every facet of our community and beyond. It is expected to take 18 months to complete. Now that the new PAPI’s are operational on 3R and 21L, the airport is pursuing a grant for new PAPI’s on 3L and 21R. Currie asked if that would open up night operations on 21R. John was unsure how that would work out. Currently, when the tower is closed runway 21L is right traffic. To use 21R in an uncontrolled environment, 21L would have to change to left traffic. That would likely cause an increase in noise complaints. John next reported that the State plans to expand Hwy 89 to a 4 lane divided Highway from the Deep Well Ranch traffic circle south to Pioneer Parkway. The traffic light at the main entrance at McCurdy Drive will remain. An additional “Round-About” will be added at Perkins Drive. Looks like lots of construction in our future. Essential Air Service discussions are under way once again.

Commercial Air Services

Greatlakes Airlines in looking into ways to upgrade their pilot qualifications in order to move up from a scheduled Air Taxi to a part 121 airline. Currently, due to pilot qualifications they can only carry 9 passengers on an 18 passenger aircraft. They also announced going from 2 flights a day to LAX up to 4 flights. While John feels that would improve “on time” reliability, what is really needed is upgraded equipment as an airline operation. ERAU students are engaged in a public survey of those who would consider Air service out of Prescott. Things like times, schedules, type of equipment, destination and other key points would be collected. It’s hoped that this information will help potentially interested air carrier operators in tailoring the kind of services they would offer to this market.

AOPA Fly-In Review

Next John provided details on the very successful AOPA Regional Fly-In. The event exceeded everyones expectations in every way. It set a record for AOPA Regional Fly-In attendance with 6,350 aviation enthusiasts, 565 non based aircraft and 275 volunteers. John put on a lengthy slide show showing many of the highlights of the event. The Airport staff put in long hours and did a marvelous job. The Tower ran a flawless operation. No emergences, no lost aircraft, no violations and no incursions. All of that was accomplished with 565 unfamiliar pilots. Local car rentals were depleted, hotels were full and local restaurants were packed. This event was good for the AOPA, good for the airport, good for the city of Prescott and good for Arizona. Our next meeting will be November 15th. The meeting was adjourned at 8:32 PM.

FLY-IN Images courtesy of PrescotteNews.com:

PrescotteNews.com Prescott Airport Fly-In

PrescotteNews.com Prescott Airport Fly-In

PrescotteNews.com Prescott Airport Fly-In

PrescotteNews.com Prescott Airport Fly-In

PrescotteNews.com Prescott Airport Fly-In

Recent Coverage of the AOPA FLY-IN


Recent Flight Advisories

GPS Fight Advisories

We have 3 of these going on around the same time, two are only high altitude for the Prescott area, but this one (FHU) is 50’ AGL for us. The good news it is not during prime time.


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