General Membership Meeting Minutes 11/15/2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. Board Members Currie Lee and Brian Roggow were both out of town. After approval of the previous meeting minutes, Ted provided the current PAUA bank balance as $3620.94 and current membership at 167. Guy Roginson provided information on some of the website improvements and the added links to airport surveys, aviation News, Pod-Cast and other community News that impacts the aviation community. Board members praised the professional appearance and flow of information on the website. With Brian out of Town there was no ERAU report. The Prescott Tower report was provided by Geoff Kusel. Geoff is a 16 year veteran Controller at Prescott Tower so he has seen lots of changes. One of them has been in noise abatement practices or more to the point, a lack of them. Once formally spelled out as voluntary procedures in the tower training and in airport signage, much of that information is now less available to pilots and controllers. Longtime based pilots at Prescott know pretty much where the noise sensitive areas are and try to avoid them. That is not the case for newer pilots, itinerate pilots and to some extent, newer Controllers. Geoff has been working with several flight schools and has come to the realization that it’s time to develop an up to date voluntary Noise Abatement Procedure for the Airport. It’s the Towers goal to bring that information up to date for both Pilots and controllers. John Cox pointed out that he has an on staff person who collects all aircraft noise complaints for the Prescott Airport area. That may be a helpful place to pinpoint some problem areas beyond the obvious. John also pointed out that callers are referred to the Prescott Airport Website for information on Aircraft Noise concerns, what to expect and who to provide your concerns to. ( ) While most pilots try to be good neighbors there is currently a lack of information to guide them. Everyone present seems to support being proactive and establishing a formal voluntary Noise Abatement Procedure. If this information was readily available and followed by pilots we could avoid any future mandatory enforcement procedures such as those at Scottsdale Airport. Geoff hopes to have more on this by our next meeting. The Airport update was provided by Airport Manager, John Cox. John started out with a very professional video on the AOPA Regional Fly-In at Prescott. The video was sponsored by the Airport through a local company and was beautifully done. There is no copyright on this video and John would like to see it distributed far and wide. It is an excellent tool for marketing our Airport and our community. It will soon be on the Prescott Airport website and feel free to download it if you wish. While AOPA must spread the wealth for selection of its future Region al Fly-Ins, there are many other aviation groups that could be attracted to our community. Next up was the Essential Air Service contract for Prescott which expires on April 1st of 2017. Greatlakes Airlines is currently in the process of upgrading their service. Starting December 18, Greatlakes will start 2 flights a day of the Embraer EMB-120s to LAX. This is a 30 seat twin turboprop pressurized aircraft with a normal cruise of 298 knots. It will be operated as a part 121 airliner, with an onboard restroom. The flight crew will be part 121 airline certified. Additionally, two Beech 1900 flights to LAX will continue each day. These flights will be under FAA part 135 as a scheduled Air-taxi and will be restricted to 9 passengers. Under the new Essential Air Service contract, Greatlakes will be proposing added two EMB-120 flights per day to Denver, with a stop at Farmington NM. The only other bidder at this time is Boutique Airlines, operating Pilatus PC-12 single-engine Turboprop aircraft with a cruise speed of 285 knots. While this is a very capable aircraft, it would be operated as a scheduled air-taxi under FAA part 135 and restricted to 9 passengers. They would operate to LAX and to PHX. The City of Prescott must make their decision no later than December 30th. The new terminal design phase is on track and continuing. With ADOT experiencing some short falls in grant commitments, the funding for the terminal construction phase is going to be delayed. On December 2nd, the FAA Regional director will be flying into Prescott to meet with the Mayor and John. The current FAA policy is pretty much, show me the air traffic and passengers and we’ll help you build it. It’s hoped that the Regional director will lean toward the city position. That is, build it and they will come. The Airport has setup a survey aimed solely at Prescott pilots who own aircraft, or plan to. This information was sent out to all PAUA members by Currie and to all airport tenants by the airport. It’s all about, what do you need, what do you want and how can we improve? Come on folks, this survey only has one purpose and that’s to make things better for you. So far, only 48 have taken the less than 5 minutes to fill it out. Please do John the favor of filling it out. ( ) . Additionally ERAU has put out a survey addressing all airport users and especially any “would be” commercial passengers. So far over 1,000 have responded to that one. ( ). It will also take you just a few minutes to complete. Crystal Lane construction project has some paving to be finished up but the new retaining wall is just about completed and is a major improvement to that part of the airport. A small parking lot will be constructed at the base of the wall. John expanded on the notice sent out to all hangar tenants on fire extinguishers. Individual contracts have always called for the tenant to keep the Hangar extinguishers up to date and the city is responsible for maintain the building fire suppression equipment. Somehow, those requirements slipped by and the city started maintaining them at a cost of $5000 per year. We got away with it for several years but the bean counters have discovered their slip. Among the small group at this meeting, owner servicing of Fire Extinguishers did not appear to be a big deal. The nominating committee provided a list of 8 Candidates for the 8 PAUA Board positions. They were Ted Wickstrom as President, Currie Lee as Vice President and Mike Liversidge as Secretary. Directors at Large were Bill DeRouchey, Brian Roggow, Dave Roy and Terry Marshall. The 8th nominee was unable to except the position at this time. A Motion from the floor was made to accept the 7 nominees in the positions specified, it was seconded and all present voted to approve the motion. That still leaves us two Board members short. Under new business our friendly Prescott Airport crew has invited all members of our airport community to a Christmas get-together on 12/21 from 2 to 4 PM. Punch, lots of goodies and good cheer. Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM. Our next PAUA meeting will not be until January 17, 2017.


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