Meeting Minutes Jan. 17, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. After approval of the previous meeting minutes, Ted asked Currie if he could provide the Treasurer report, as a new Treasurer has not yet been assigned. Currie reported a bank balance of $3,716.17 and total membership now stood at 172. Guy Roginson previously told Ted that he would no longer be involved with the PAUA website. Currie pointed out that the calendar of events section was currently overly complex to maintain. He would now be putting that information in the Blog section of the website. He also encouraged members to send him any information that would be of interest to our aviation community. Brian Roggow provided the ERAU report. The spring semester is already well underway with lots of ERAU traffic on the go. Some events coming up include an FAA Wings Seminar at the ERAU DLC on February 15 at 7:00 PM. The subject will be on the dangers of Hypoxia. On February 2nd the EAA B17, Aluminum Overcast, will be in Prescott for public viewing and tours. It will be on the ramp at our friendly FBO, Legend Aviation. Still in the planning stage for the same day is a Pilot/Controller Forum. It will take place across the street from Legend Aviation at the Centennial Center on Clubhouse Drive. It is expected to run from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Details should be available at . The Prescott Tower report was provided by Geoff Kusel. Geoff discussed a fairly rare weather event at Prescott the past few days. That was fog and the fact that some pilots seem unfamiliar with their options. Yes, there is the obvious, request an IFR clearance, if you are rated, current, and your aircraft meets the requirements. Depending on conditions, you do have another option, even if you are not IFR rated or IFR current. That is “Special VFR” but it must be initiated by the pilot. Based on traffic and other factors the controller may issue a Special VFR clearance to a point or out of the class D, or other appropriate airspace. This is an ATC clearance and as soon as you reach basic VFR conditions, you should cancel your Special VFR Clearance. This clearance allows you to operate in conditions below basic VFR but requires a ground and flight visibility of at least one mile and to remain clear of clouds. In some ways this might be seen as a Special IFR clearance because the controller must keep you separated from all IFR traffic. Controllers may not offer or suggest that you request a Special VFR Clearance. It may only be initiated by you, the pilot. Geoff also pointed out that the Tower has been having some issues with their Wind Instruments. Peak wind gusts are based on the peak wind over a 10 minute period. ATIS winds are taken from the instruments at the west end of the field and the Tower display is from the east end. New equipment will be coming but it may be a while. In the meantime, keep your eye on the windsock. Airport Manager John Cox was not available as he was in Phoenix on Airport business. John did provide a list of recent airport activity which Ted read to the members present. They included the upgraded passenger service from Great Lakes Airlines with 4 flights a day to LAX ( 2 on the EMB-120) and 2 flights a week to Denver, both with the EMB-120. Prescott City Council voted to retain Great Lakes Airlines with the FAA Essential Air Service contract. The Environmental Study for the new Terminal is underway and should be completed by May of this year. The Terminal Design Phase will start in June of this year. The construction phase will be city budget dependent and may be spread over 5 years. The Airport Master plan updates will be reviewed during a committee meeting February 6th. The public briefing will be on March 9th at the Centennial Center. Good news for the Airport Enterprise Fund, hangar occupancy now stands at 100%. Our program for the night was arranged by Brian Roggow. Retired Army Col. Gary Kidrick took us on a globetrotting tour which covered a very distinguish military carrier. From his first solo at Fort Rucker in a Hughes 300 to thousands of Cold War and Hot War hours in Huey’s, Blackhawk’s and Cobra’s. From the Russian front, to Iraq and then assigned Commander of the Alaska National Air Guard. His presentation was fun, exciting and educational and very much enjoyed by all. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM. Our next meeting will be February 21st

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