PAUA Board Minutes for February 2017

February 21, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. After approval of the previous meeting minutes, Currie provided the Treasurer report. Current bank balance is $3,961.17 and total membership is now 173. Currie told members he would no longer be sending out individual emails with matters of interest, such as GPS interference or other special notices. These things will now be included in the blog section of the PAUA web site . No log-in or password is required. He also encouraged all members to check the blog page frequently to stay on top of local information. Brian Roggow provided the ERAU report. ERAU has just selected their new National President, Dr. Barry Butler. Dr. Butler is most recently from the University of Iowa with a very long list of credentials including a PHD in Engineering. Brian says he brings a lot to the table and his selection is a very welcome one among the ERAU staff. On March 8th, at 9:00 AM, the FAA RSAT meeting (Runway Safety Action Team) will be held in the Airport Administration Building conference room. All are welcome but seating is limited. This meeting relies on lively input and comments from those attending so all problem areas and concerns can be identified. This is also a FAA Wings credit activity and you can register on line at . The Prescott Tower report was provided by Geoff Kusel. Geoff discussed an ongoing problem they have been experiencing with night IFR approaches with very limited circling options. Some pilots are aware of the problem and request a visual approach prior to the missed approach point which eliminates the problem when conditions allow. Tower has been working with Phoenix Approach to find some resolution to the problem. One of the other issues for the Tower and local pilots has been with Great Lakes operation of the EMB-125. During warmer days with high passenger loads they require use of Runway 3 Right. That can and will interrupt the normal flow of airport traffic, at least for brief periods. With warmer weather approaching, this may be a more common issue. Airport Manager John Cox provided the Airport update. He was happy to report that with the additional flights and equipment upgrades, ridership for Great Lakes Airlines was up by 85%. The city has worked hard with Great Lakes to promote the available services and it seems to have been very successful. John echoed the Towers concerns about the EMB-125 reliance on runway 3 Right and is working with Great Lakes to address the issue. One suggestion was scheduling those departures with that equipment in the coolest part of the day. It was not an issue for arriving flights, just departures. The FAA has programed nearly $1,000,000.00 to the development of a comprehensive Airport Master Plan which will take about one year to complete. It will be extremely detailed, covering every facet of our airport. The first three chapters are currently being finalized and they will cover: 1.The history of our airport and how we got here, 2.The current state of our airport in painstaking detail and, 3.The future vision for our airport. On March 14th, these 3 chapters will be presented to the public during an Open House public meeting. This will take place in the Prescott Centennial Center on Clubhouse Drive. The briefing is aimed at the general public as well as the aviation community. It will take place between 5 and 7 PM. John also mentioned that the FAA has come out with a somewhat more accommodating policy to exceptions of non-aviation use of some airport hangars. With the downturn in based aircraft at many airports, this has been an area of growing concern for airport revenues. City hangars at Prescott are currently 100% occupied with aircraft so for now that is not an issue here. John is going to wait and see how this issue is dealt with at airports with that problem, and how the FAA responds to their actions. On March 22nd the FAA comes to town to do their Part 139 Airport Inspection and audit. Basically, this will be Prescott Airports annual FAA Report Card. There is a lot of pressure on John and his team to make sure it goes well. Very shortly, a local crack seal project will start Taxiway Bravo and part of Alpha. Also in the works is a FAA Grant for $200,000 for a complete overlay of all of Taxiway Alpha but no firm date on that yet. John was asked by a PAUA Board member, how the City short fall in of seventy plus million dollars in the PSPRS fund would impact matching funds for the airport on FAA/ADOT Grant projects. John said both the City Manager and the Mayor have a very good understanding of the value of these grants and they have been very supportive of the ones he has brought forward. The FAA will, in addition to the Grant, reimburse the city for any expenses that they incur executing the terms of the Grant. In most cases, this is a matter of dedicated labor by airport staff and it exceeds or equals the cities matching funds. Talk about a win, win! Clearly, the City short fall in PSPRS fund will be the top issue for the City of Prescott for some time to come but it should have no impact on the Airport Grant Process. Another PAUA Board member inquired about the status of the Snow Broom equipment. John said that grant process was still in the mill and we could likely expect that equipment by late summer. Our Program for the night was a Basic Med briefing by Doctor Ted Wickstrom. Ted provided his details from FAA Advisory Circular 68-1 which he encouraged all pilots to read ( ). Clearly, the process is much more encompassing than most of us were expecting. In some ways, more demanding and time consuming than acquiring an FAA Medical Certificate, which you can still do if you prefer. Your choice will likely be based on your individual situation. If you’re going to conduct flight operations above Flight Level 180, operate aircraft faster than 250 knots IAS or fly with more than 6 souls on board then forget this program. For the rest of us, the choice will likely be based on our individual medical condition and which direction would create the least amount of obstacles and in some cases, expense. While any doctor can complete and signoff on your the new medical check list, you may find that few, beyond current AME’s are willing to do so. Review the Advisory Circular and be sure you understand your options before you start either process. While the rules are now available the program will not be available until May. One reason is, the online course you must complete to use this program is not yet available. A motion was made and supported by all Board members to cancel the March PAUA Board Meeting. This was because all Board members and several PAUA members are planning to attend a special program at ERAU DLC on March 21st at 7:00 PM. The program is with the one and only Sean Tucker and few in the Aviation community want to miss it. The next PAUA Board Meeting will be on April 18th . Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM..


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