PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. There were no previous meeting minutes as the March meeting was canceled. Currie provided the Treasurer report. Current bank balance is $4,081.17 and total membership is now 173. Remember special notices will now appear on the blog section of the PAUA Web site ( ). Brian Roggow provided the ERAU report. On April 1st, ERAU hosted a fall preview student orientation. Based on the turnout it appears that student enrollment will continue to grow at a brisk rate. ERAU’s Business Club was recently selected the best in Arizona for the 11th time. Members asked Brian when ERAU was going to add a Business School. Brain said that ERAU was actually thinking about doing just that but it may be a couple of years away. Brian introduced his guest, Mr. Sam Morris, head coach of the ERAU Golden Eagle Flight Team. Sam was going to be our program for the night. The Tower report was provided by Geoff Kusel. Geoff said discussions were currently underway with Phoenix Approach looking for solutions to an ongoing problem. Phoenix Approach procedures will not accept IFR opposite direction departures. As seasonal warming moves in, the EMB-125 more frequently requires Runway 3R while GA most frequently requires Runway 21L & R for most operations. Now the Tower can deal with that with full stop landings, long straight outs, holds outside the Delta and some brief ground delays. Not easy, for anyone, but it can be done. Phoenix procedures are based on the runway in use, if the EMB-125 takes off on runway 3R, then the airspace traffic flow is based on Runway 3R. Changing the Airport traffic pattern for one aircraft is a long way from slipping out one opposite direction aircraft but Approach does not see it that way. What’s the solution? Coming soon I hope. Prescott Tower Air Traffic Manager Paul Winski will be retiring after 14 years as the Manager. His last day with us will be May 31th. His replacement Rich Wayne arrives May 29th. He has a background in Military Air traffic as well as FAA service in Towers, Approach Control and Center. He even once worked at Prescott Tower. He’s coming to us from Hawaii. Ted then turned over the room to our special guest Sam Morris. So you thought that these Flight Teams were just a bunch of young folks throwing flower bombs and trying to land on a white line. Boy, did Sam quickly put an end to that view. We got to see some of the competition on video and an opportunity to try and solve some of the drills and problems. It was truly, a very interesting and entertaining presentation. I have a whole new level of respect for these 24 team members. The embarrassing factor for the night was the poor PAUA membership turnout for this excellent Presentation. Members wanted interesting presentations and Brian has been providing them with little appreciation from PAUA members. The next PAUA Board Meeting will be on May 17th. Meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM.


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