PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. The minutes from the previous meeting were accepted as they appear on the PAUA web page. Currie provided the Treasurer report. Current bank balance is $4,081.17 and total membership is now 175. Currie reminded members that special notices now appear on the blog section of the PAUA Website. Brian Roggow was out of town on ERAU business so there was no ERAU report. Geoff Kusel provided the Tower Report. The Tower was currently experiencing some issues of reduc

ed radar coverage. The Tower uses a blend of 2 Center Long range radars, Humboldt radar, just NE of Carefree and Seligman Radar 2 ½ miles west of Seligman Airport. Both have some blind spots in the Prescott area but together they provide pretty good coverage. Of the two radars, Seligman provides the better coverage in the Prescott Area as it looks down a fairly flat valley. Currently the Seligman Radar is undergoing some major retrofitting causing frequent outages. That may continue for a while. As most of us are aware, longtime Tower Manager Paul Winski is retiring on May 31st. The new Tower Manager, Rich Wayne should arrive on May 29th. He has a background in Military Air traffic as well as FAA service in Towers, Approach Control and Center. He’s coming to us from Hawaii. John Cox provided the Prescott Airport Report. John thanked all of those who submitted applications to be a member of the Prescott Airport Advisory Committee. The City received 15 applications for that position and the 5 selectee’s were spread among a full range of airport stake holders. Those positions will be refreshed every two years. The new Airport Advisory Committee is already heavily involved in a very ambitious undertaking. They, with the support of the Airport and the City are planning a Prescott Air Fair in partnership with ERAU. This builds itself off the established ERAU October event for students, alumni and guests. The ERAU event includes several professional acrobatic demonstrations and is already a draw to all local aviation enthusiasts. The Air Fair hopes to build off this event in much the same manner as the very successful AOPA Regional Fly-In did and ERAU is supportive of the idea. One major difference is the AOPA had a full year to plan this event with lots of outside money and dedicated manpower. Our Aviation community has a history of providing lots of volunteer manpower for our aviation events and I’m sure this would be no exception. Still, doing it in 4 months without a dedicated staff seems to be setting the bar very high. The Prescott Airport Master plan is moving along. Stage 1, airport History is complete as well as stage 2, a detailed inventory of all Airport assets. Stage 3 is now underway, the forecast we want to see for our airport. This is a much more subjective stage and will be the basics for future airport development. John thanked the Tower for all of their efforts in accommodating the needs of Greatlakes Airlines and the operational needs of the newly added EMB-125’s. He was very much aware of the negative impact their demand for Runway 3R was having on airport traffic. On the positive side, April enplanements for Greatlakes Airlines were up 150% over April of last year. That should be helpful on our path to more federal dollars for the airport. The FAA Part 139 inspection starts on May 18th and will last 3 days. It is a very detailed FAA Airports Division inspection of the airport. The results of this inspection can directly affect future state and federal funding for our airport. On May 25th, the City of Prescott will be hosting the Arizona State Airport Conference with over 200 guests representing most of the Arizona airports. Due to the need for space, the meeting will be held at the Prescott Resort & Conference Center. Under new business Ted discussed a PAUA member’s suggestion to change our meeting time from 7 PM to 5 PM. After an open discussion it was decided that this was a decision that should include all members. A motion was made to poll all PAUA members by direct email, allowing them to choose which time was most convenient. The June meeting will remain at 7 PM in order to allow time for member’s responses. The program for the night was put on by Mike and Currie. Mike covered FAA Part 107 and the licensing and certification of UAS pilots and drones while Currie covered the capabilities and operational procedures for some of these UAS’s. He included an indoor demonstration that had everyone’s attention. Also contributing some additional insight were Cinnimon and Max, owners of Valley Hobby Shop in PV, who are very much involved in the sales of drones and other RC systems. Max holds a FAA UAS license. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM. The next PAUA Board meeting will be June 20th at 7:00 PM.

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