PAUA Board Meeting Minutes September 19, 2017

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 4:02 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. The minutes from the previous meeting were not available as the secretary was not present at the August meeting. The July minutes are on the web site and have been approved as posted. Daryl Austermiller provided the Treasurer report. Current bank balance is $4,109.92 plus $56 in petty cash. Ted added that the web site had 702 hits for the month. Brian Roggow was not available for the ERAU Report as he was out with a medical issue. On Brian’s behalf, Ted pointed out that the long awaited STEM engineering building was now open. Also coming up is the ERAU ” Wings Out West Airshow” on the weekend of October 7th. Geoff Kusel provided the Tower Report. Geoff shared a FAA report dealing with Air Traffic controller/Pilot “read back issues”. The report sighted several actual incidents involving errors by pilots and controllers. Geoff explained some of the specific requirements placed on the controllers by FAA Handbook 7110.65 and he addressed several questions asked by pilots. Jessie Baker provided the Airport update. The elephant in the room was the “Deep Well Ranch” development and conversations and questions went immediately to that. Jessie pointed out that the developers had provided some open space in some of the Airports most sensitive areas. She did express some concerns over Zone 3 of the development which is currently being identified as “commercial”. The wording in the current agreement left open options to the developer if the demand for commercial use of that area did not materialize. If Zone 3 were to be developed as dense housing or apartments, that would be very concerning. She felt that issue could be cleared up with more specific language in the agreement. Several PAUA members had comments. In general, members felt that actions taken by the city were focused on trying to mitigate safety issues. Members found those actions less than satisfactory and short-sighted. An aircraft accident, may, or may not happen involving one of those homes. What will definitely happen is that the City, the airport and the tower will be inundated with noise complaints. It will have a negative impact on any future of Prescott Airport and any future commercial development on the airport. One member pointed out what is going on at Santa Monica airport, if you have any doubts about what is going to happen here. Jessie pointed out that that city had no tools or regulatory basics to inforce any zoning based on an airport noise footprint. Ted Wickstrom disagreed. He pointed out that the FAA has spelled out that data very clearly for cities and towns to adopt. The City can ignore those guide lines at their own peril. Jessie also covered the upcoming “Wings Out West Airshow” and spelled out what would be going on October 5th through the 8th. The Airshow would take place on the 7th and would be open to the public. There was no formal program for this meeting. Ted adjourned the meeting at 4:52 PM. The next PAUA Board meeting will be October 17th at 4:00 PM.


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