PAUA Board Meeting Minutes November 21, 2017

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 4:02 PM by PAUA Vice President Currie Lee. Ted Wickstrom was detained at another meeting but would be arriving shortly. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as they appear on the website. Daryl Austermiller provided the Treasurer report. Current bank balance is $3,692.73 and we have 177 individual members and 5 corporate members. Brian Roggow was back with us after back surgery and is doing much better these days and will be returning to work at ERAU soon. While he has been somewhat out of the loop for a while he did share some of the very impressive news about ERAU Prescott Golden Eagles Flight Team. The Golden Eagles Flight Team of Prescott was inducted into the San Diego International Air & Space Museum’s Hall of Fame on Nov. 9, 2017. The Golden Eagles are the winningest intercollegiate flying team of the last two decades including 30 consecutive regional championships and 11 national championships. Geoff Kusel provided the Tower Report. Geoff updated us on the new ATC Runway Surface Condition Reports when referring to breaking action. In the past there was just 3 reporting categories. They were GOOD, FAIR and NIL. Well, with all of their International wisdom, they now have 6 reporting categories. They are now GOOD, GOOD TO MEDIUM, MEDIUM, MEDIUM TO POOR, POOR and NIL. Jessie was not available for the Airport update but Currie filled us in on some of the related things going on with the City including the Deep Well Ranch development. The Candidate that the City was interested in for the Airport Manager position declined their offer. Most in the room agreed we are doing just fine with Jessie and the current Airport Team and things are running very smoothly. Currently a Public & Private partnership with Harry Oberg and Dr. Hojat Askari MD has been formed in an attempt to raise $6,000,000 to build a new Airport Terminal. Dr. Ted Wickstrom expressed some disappointment that PAUA has not been contacted to inform us on their goals and plans or to seek any input or suggestions from us. Under new business was the Election of Board Members for 2018. All members in the room voted to accept the candidates that were presented by the nominating committee. The Board for 2018: President Dr. Ted Wickstrom, Vice President Currie Lee, Secretary Bill DeRouchey, Treasurer Daryl Austermiller, ERAU Brian Roggow, AOPA Dave Roy and At Large Board members are Mike Liversidge and Terry Marshall. We remain one Board member short so if you are interested please let us know. Ted introduced Mr. Henry Gellerman. Mr. Gellerman was involved with a group that was considering starting an on demand Charter Service using PC12 Turboprop aircraft. When Mr. Gellerman starting looking into the future and wondering what might replace his PC12 in the future he came across a small start-up company in Israel called Eviation Aircraft. They are in the development stage of an aircraft about the same size and payload as a PC12 but one that is fully electric. Mr. Gellerman has been working with Eviation Aircraft who has expressed an interest in building their aircraft in the US, closer to their likely market. Mr. Gellerman covered the many features of this aircraft and sees it as the future in this class of aircraft. He is hoping he can convince the company to relocate to Prescott and it looks like they may be interested. At this point, it’s all in the very early stages but sounds very interesting. There is no PAUA meeting in December. The next Board meeting will be on January 16, 2018 at 4:00 PM at the Airport conference room.


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