PAUA Board Meeting Minutes January 17, 2018

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2018

Meeting called to order at 4:00PM by Ted Wickstrom. Directors in attendance were: Currie Lee, Ted Wickstrom, Daryl Austermiller, Brian Roggow, Bill DeRouchey.

November 2017 minutes approved with no objections.

Treasurer report: Daryl reports $3692 in bank. Current members 182 with 5 of those commercial.

ERAU report: Brian talked about the immediate success of their new Planetarium. Tickets are available (free) via the ERAU website. Many activities are upcoming: the DLC will host a WWII pilot, an airport safety meeting January 20 at 10AM, and a Wings meeting March 3.

Tower report: Geoff Kusel and Rich Lane (Twr mgr) - Geoff said a current focus was aircraft must taxi past the hold point when leaving runway, otherwise the controller cannot land another plane. March 7 is a runway safety team meeting. KPRC doing good last 9 months with ground safety issues.

Airport Manager report: Jessie is down in Phoenix for the 13th Arizona Annual Airport Day at the Capitol.

General Discussion: There is an effort to build an electric commuter aircraft in Prescott. Henry Gellerman is leading a financial effort to obtain startup funds. Ted asked for ideas regarding what PAUA should focus on this year and possibly having an informal mixer with an educational theme. TacAero is up and running with taildragger instruction and their Cub on floats is also available.

Presentation: A video depicting 5 Airbus airliners flying in formation, and the LA Speed King story. By Bill DeRouchey.

Meeting closed at 4:45PM.

Minutes submitted by Bill DeRouchey

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