PAUA Board Meeting Minutes March 24, 2018

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

March 24, 2018

Meeting called to order 4:03 by Ted Wickstrom.

Directors in attendance were: Currie Lee, Ted Wickstrom, Daryl Austmiller, Mike Liversidge, Bill DeRouchey, and Terry Marshall.

Treasurer report by Daryl: $4232 in bank and approx 180 members.

GPS testing in Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona continues. Mike Liversidge is posting the advisories on our PAUA web site at Mid March the testing is focused at Yuma and from March 14 through 23 at Las Vegas. The FAA requests any pilots that experience GPS outage in the identified areas report the instance to an FAA controller.

The FAA has announced the discontinuance of DUATS in May.

ERAU Report: Brian is on the road but submitted a report. After KPRC reported a perfect annual record for runway incursions we had an incident near the C4 taxiway. It was a happy celebration for a while. An incredibly high 95% of taxi issues involve correct read back.

Airport report by Robin and Jessie:

Economic impact report is 2-3 months out.

A study, currently informal, is being used to understand the destination of the commercial flying Prescott population. A partial list beginning with the most frequent is: Denver, LA, San Francisco, and Seattle. This information will be used in the upcoming Essential Air bid later in the year.

Expectations for a new terminal building will likely be directed to improving the existing building.

The airline industry is currently offering great incentives for those students heading toward a commercial airline ticket. This is an extraordinary time to enter the workforce as a pilot.

A runway improvement project is being planned to strengthen runway 21L. The outer two feet of each edge (long side) will be cut and strengthened so that the entire 150 foot width meets our advertised weight bearing capacity.

New Business:

Bill Thrift talked about exposing ERAU students to soaring. The unspoken thought was Sully and Jeff’s landing of flight 1549 on the Hudson provides all the justification this idea requires.

Some of the ERAU Davis Learning Seminars are FAA Wings Program certified and pilots can enjoy a night out, learn something useful, and earn credits. Next Wings event Saturday, April 7 at 9AM.

Presentation: Oshkosh 2017 Airventure.

Meeting closed at 5:05

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