PAUA Board Meeting Minutes May 15, 2018

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2018

Meeting called to order at 4:00PM by Ted Wickstrom. Directors in attendance were: Currie Lee, Ted Wickstrom, Mike Liversidge, Terry Marshall, Brian Roggow, Bill DeRouchey.

April 2017 minutes approved with no objections.

ERAU report: Brian talked about the summer session starting today and expect the flying traffic to be active. FAA seminar in the lower hanger June 16. Topic is Runway Incursions”.

Tower report: Geoff Kusel talked about the heavy educational load with the new controllers is underway. This may leave the tower short of personnel for tower visits.

Airport report: Jessie said the EAS service proposals for a 2 year term are due July 3 and will be evaluated quickly. Even with the holiday there is a push to provide City Council recommendation for their meeting on July 5.

Doug said the taxiway crack repairs are completed. The strategy of piggybacking with a city street repair contract provided good price and quality. He said the relationship and quality of the vendor was very good. Doug said the major runway structural improvement is still scheduled for August 1-22 prior to the EAS service commencement. This will close our main runway for most of this upgrade. Mike L asked if the airport/tower could leave the 21R runway lights on for nighttime usage or emergencies. This suggestion was well received.

Presentation: A Hot Spot and airport signage review was conducted by Mike Liversidge. The questions during the review indicated everyone had something to learn. At the end Brian R nailed us all by asking to “determine the runway width by looking at the end markings”.

Meeting closed at 5:30PM.

Minutes submitted by Bill DeRouchey

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