PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. Board Members present were Ted Wickstrom, Currie Lee, Terry Marshall, Mike Liversidge, and Bill DeRouchey.

Airport Manager (Robin): The United Airline based 50 pax regional jet has been approved by all state and federal agencies to provide airline transportation in Prescott for 25 months beginning August 1. Flights to Denver are scheduled 9AM each day of the week and Los Angeles 1:30PM Sunday thru Friday. Estimated one-way fare is $87 and is combined with co-share fares to further destinations. Baggage service and security will be integrated to provide a seamless link between Prescott and a final destination.

Tightly scheduled multiple events are required to bring the new air service into production as quickly as possible. The upstairs conference room is being used to train the new ground support personal for the next 7 weeks and the normally scheduled groups using this room should consult Kathi for availability. Runway structural and signage improvements will impact local flights from July 30 until August 21. Email notices and NOTAMS will be published with possible new restrictions – make sure you review this information carefully. When 21L is closed GPS and ILS real and practice approaches will not be available. Also, when 21L is closed the runway lights for 21R will be turned on all night and CTAF control inoperative.

Jessie Baker will be resigning and moving to Louisiana to be with her husband more than 2 weeks per month. I guess true love does conquer all. She has performed remarkably with major airport management changes and will be missed. There will be a send-off party Thursday, July 26 from 3-5PM at Legend Aviation.

There was no tower report.

The evening presentation was from Sam Morris and Ben from the Prescott ERAU Golden Eagle flying team. The team just won the 2018 collegian event which gives them 3 in a row! This brings their overall win to 12 - thus far. Competition is 50-60 other flight universities including Daytona ERAU. They demonstrated the intense learning and dedication required to become a top team. Usually our only contact with the team is during their precision landing practice on 21R. The one or two dozen ways they can lose points from takeoff to touchdown nears torture. They are a great attribute to Prescott so give them a wave as you roll by.

Meeting closed at 5:28.

Submitted by Bill DeRouchey

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