PAUA Board Meeting Minutes August 21, 2018

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. Board Members present were Ted Wickstrom, Currie Lee, Terry Marshall, Daryl Austmiller, Brian Rogge, and Bill DeRouchey.

A major change to air traffic occurred this month when Universal Helicopter ceased operation.

Tower report (Jeff) said the tower still has more trainees than instructors. He also talked about the tower turbulence separation policy to prepare us for the new air carrier coming beginning service with their RJ200 jet. They will, as a default, provide 3 minute turbulence separation or you can request a change if you see the traffic. Approach has no separation for wake turbulence, recommend ADSB as an aid. The RJ200 has no additional restrictions.

Airport Manager (Doug): The construction schedule is behind by only 1 day which is surprising with all the monsoon rain. It will be back in service on Thursday but the 12 runway may be closed longer and overnight closures will occur.

The United Airline RJ200 will begin service next Wednesday with a celebration flight. Hanger A and the shade hangers will be removed to make room for a potential new terminal building. The old terminal cannot accommodate the capacity of the new 50 passenger jet. Just now the Bottleneck has 6 vacant hangers. The amount of money available for a new terminal building depends upon the passenger volume. With less than 10,000 enplanements $150k is available; and $1M if over.

Once again a pilot (transient) has landed on Charley taxiway. Currie mentioned that from the air ‘C’ taxiway (at a glance) looks more like a runway than 21R and needs to be distinguished somehow.

Earlier in the year a study showed our area purchases 1.2 million tickets per year which indicates that the potential for expansion is good. With the RJ200 no TSA badges will be required for hanger access.

Eviation will be moving into the Guidance building after renovation. The company hopes to commercialize a short haul electric airplane.

Adjourned at 4:51 and the next meeting will be at the Admin building.

Submitted by Bill DeRouchey


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