PAUA Board Meeting Minutes October 16, 2018

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM by PAUA President Ted Wickstrom. Board Members present were Ted Wickstrom, Terry Marshall, Daryl Austmiller, Brian Roggow, Mike Liversidge, and Bill DeRouchey.

Daryl reported our bank balance is $4075.

Minutes from September were approved.

ERAR: Brian – Wings over West “WOW” was a big success. This was our second annual event and the public attendance is building. There was double the air-show performance with a special emphasis for Ernest Love which provided a regional theme.

Airport: Doug – The A hangers and shade east of the Admin building are marked unavailable for our future terminal building. Existing tenants are being migrated to the bottleneck with no immediate plans to build more hangers – however the shade hangers will be reconstructed. Thus the waiting list will be growing and stagnant.

The new regional jet has been a great success with the occupancy rates approx 70% and full most weekends. The increased need for additional automobile parking is adding pressure. The design team has created several terminal layout choices with parking a major design factor.

The takeoff obstacle clearance requirement continues to be a challenge for the CRJ200 aircraft on hot days and wind conditions. There is a CRJ200 version available with larger engines but it has 70 passengers which triggers the entire airport to initiate TSA badge and access procedures.

We are projecting 2018 enplanements at 7800 at this time with the approximately 5 months of zero enplanements during the Great Lakes – United Express gap. Should have no problem surpassing 10,000 enplanements for 2019 and could get creative and achieve the goal this year. Achieving this volume provides a huge amount of money available for terminal and runway extension construction.

The airport name has been changed from Prescott Municipal Airport to Prescott Regional Airport to better indicate our future direction.

Ted - Created a nominating committee for the November election of directors. Bill and Daryl have volunteered.

Mike – Notified of upcoming TFR for Trump visit in Phoenix. Also, Mike discussed an upcoming TFR that will impact Prescott above 50 feet AGL during the October 18-20 timeframe.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55.

Submitted by Bill DeRouchey

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