January 19, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 5:20 PM by President Daryl Austermiller. The meeting (which was to begin at 4:00 PM) was delayed do to the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting (scheduled at 2:00 PM) running long which immediately preseeds the PAUA Meeting.

All Board members were in attendance with the exception of Bill DeRouchey who was unable to attend, and Dave Roy. The total members in attendance totaled 18.


The November Board minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer‘s Report: Gregg Schindel

Gregg Schindel‘s appointment to Treasurer was ratified by the Board.. He reported that the current balance in the Wells Fargo account is $4,086.13. Membership is APPROXIMATELY 100.

WebSite update: Currie Lee reported that there is no update on the Website.

ERAU Report: Brian Roggow.

Brian reported that DR. Frank Ayers, the current Chancellor of ERAU, Prescott campus is retiring at the end of May, 2019. He will be returning to the Daytona Beach, Florida Campus where he will be Teaching. It was noted that Dr. Ayers was responsible for many of the improvements to the Prescott Campus during his tenure.The spring semester is underway and ongoing.

KPRC Tower Report: Geoff Kusel.

Clint Martin is the acting Air Traffic Manager. The Tower currently has 1 superior, and is allotted 3. 1 Controller left last month, 1 is to leave in February and 1 in March. 6 are in Training, 1 waiting to report once the shutdown ends. PRC2 departure procedure added VCOA (visual climb over airport). No guidance/rules for what a Pilot can do before meeting the crossing restriction on 6,700 feet over the airport. Geoff asked a Skywest pilot about why instrument approaches at night. Do to one of their aircraft getting to close to terrain on a night visual approach to Medford, Oregon, all pilots are required to fly an instrument approach at night.

Airport Status Report: None

Program: None

Old Business: Nothing to discuss.

New Business:

A general discussion on the FBO‘s fuel prices was discussed by those in attendance. The FBO provides a 10 cent a gallon discount to those who utilize the self-serve refueling tank and a 5 cent a gallon discount to members who refuel from the FBO‘s fuel trucks. A comment was made that the PAUA would be protesting the higher fuel prices at KPRC and will be taking the issue up with AOPA. Several airports in the region are charging a dollar more or less than the ongoing price at KPRC by the FBO. It was reported that there is not any mo-gas available on the field and there are 6 of those in attendance who are currently using mo-gas in their planes. Perhaps this issue could be raised with the Airport Director to look into setting up a mo-gas outlet on the field. A follow up discussion was held on the airport Rules and Regulations that are currently being revised/updated by the Airport Director. The director is asking for input from all airport users. It was reported that the current R and R were written in 1978.

The Airport Advisory Committee will be having 3 more meetings to discuss the remaining MSD and R and R. The next will be on January 29th. at 2:00 PM. All PAUA members are encouraged to attend. A discussion was held to Co-Sponsor the Pilot/Controller Forum. A motion was made by Mr. Austermiller to provide up to $200.00 in funds. The motion was seconded by Mr. Wickstrom, motion carried unanimously. William J. Thrift MD, Aviation Medical Examiner announced the relocation of his office to 1000 Ainsworth Drive, Ste. 220 as of January 2019. Dr. Thrift advised that he provides 1st, 2nd. And 3rd. Class Medical exams. He does not participate in the Basic Med program.

Having no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and carried unanimously at 5:50 PM.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 4:00 PM at the same location.

Terry L. Marshall



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