PAUA Board Meeting Minutes April 16, 2019

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 4:03 PM by PAUA President Daryl Austermiller. Other Board members present were Currie Lee, Ted Wickstrom, Brian Roggow and Mike Liversidge. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as they appear on the PAUA Web Page. Daryl reminded the group that the Airport Advisory Committee meeting would be at 2:00 PM on Thursday. Comments on the new proposed hangar policies should be into the Prescott Airport Office no later than noon tomorrow. The Hangar Draft rules have been available from direct email from the airport and Daryl as well as being available on the Prescott Airport web page. So far only a few tenants of Prescott City Hangars have taken the time to put their concerns about the proposed rules in writing. Daryl and Currie both stressed how important that was. Tenants can still hand in their written concerns or written comments at the Thursday Airport Advisory Committee meeting.

Gregg Schindel was not available for the Treasurer’s Report but Daryl said our bank balance remains at $4,078.18 and membership numbers remain unchanged. During the meeting 3 members did renew their membership. Currie said the website was operating normally and activity was up some.

Brian Roggow provided the ERAU Report. ERAU spring semester last day of class next Thursday, followed by finals week, graduation on May 4, and then moving into the Summer semesters. He also pointed out that the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Air Group was sponsoring a FAA Wings Seminar on survivability in downed aircraft. This will be on May 18th at the Student Union Building and early sign up will be available on starting this Friday.

The Prescott Tower Report was provided by Geoff Kusel. A few pilots have recently questioned how a crossing runway numbers are issued or reported by the pilot. Are you crossing 12 or 30? The only hard and fast rule for Controllers is based on the active runway. If 21L is active you’ll be crossing 21L. If you’re at the same location on the field but 3R is active, you would be crossing 3R. A runway crossing will always be described by the active runway. Crossing other runways may vary by controller but they will usually be guided by using the Runway number that would result in the least confusion.

The Airport Report was provided by Prescott Airport Operations Manager, Doug Whitney. He also stressed the importance of getting your comments into the Airport Advisory Committee. The Airport Terminal Design is moving along nicely and is now down to the smaller details. They hope to break ground by next October. The other big project in our future is the realignment and movement of taxiway Charlie. That project should start construction during the summer of 2020.

Daryl opened the floor to comments, concerns and suggestions regarding the new proposed rules. This went on for some time with a number of areas of concern. We even had some comments from a Prescott City Building inspector. Currie pointed out that the committee was going to make every effort to resolve all of these issues with this process but that may not necessarily work. One major issue is agreements and approvals given by past airport management. One example is if you’re renting a hangar with improved electrical service and the City has no record of it, you may be required to have it inspected and purchase a city building permit, even if it was that way when you rented it from the city. This is just one of many issues that will be challenging to resolve. Doug Whitney added a comment about an aircraft wash rack. There are now so many environmental restrictions that washing your aircraft needs to be done in the dark of the night. For that reason, the Airport Management is actually considering a high-tech wash rack which comes with a very large price tag. With more questions than answers, the meeting was adjourned at 4:52 PM. The next PAUA meeting will on May 14, 2019 at 4:00 PM.

Mike Liversidge filling in for PAUA Secretary Terry L. Marshall

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