Rleased 31May 2019 FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION FLIGHT ADVISORY GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING YUMA PROVING GROUNDS (YPG) 19-1305–26 June 2019 Yuma, AZ GPS testing is scheduled as follows and may result in unreliable or unavailable GPS signal.

A.Location: Centered at 332641N1141742W or the BLH VOR 100 degree radial at 25NM.

B.Dates and times (Dates and times are based on GMT (Z).):5 JUN 191830Z –2230Z11 –12 JUN 191830Z –2230Z18 –19 JUN 191830Z –2230Z25 –26 JUN 191830Z –2230ZC. Duration: Each event may last the entire requested period.

D.NOTAM INFO: NAV GPS (YPG GPS 19-13) (INCLUDING WAAS, GBAS, AND ADS-B) MAY NOT BE AVBL WI A 279NM RADIUS CENTERED AT332641N1141742W (BLH100025) FL400-UNL,222NM RADIUS AT FL250,160NM RADIUS AT 10000FT,135NM RADIUS AT 4000FT AGL,105NM RADIUS AT 50FT AGL.E.Pilots are encouraged to report anomalies in accordance with the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) paragraphs 1-1-13 and 5-3-3.

Released31May2019The NOTAMs discussed in this advisory may change with little or no notice. Pilots are advised to check NOTAMs frequently for possible changes prior to operations in the area. NOTAMs will be published at least 24 hours in advance of any GPS tests.YPG 19-13GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING

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