PAUA Board Meeting Minutes July 16, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 4:06 PM by PAUA President Daryl Austermiller. Other Board members present were Vice President Bill DeRouchey, Currie Lee, Ted Wickstrom and Mike Liversidge. ERAU Board Representative Brian Roggow and Treasurer Greg Schindel were not available for this meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as they appear on the PAUA Web Page. Daryl had all Board members present introduce themselves to attending PAUA members. Gregg Schindel was not available for the Treasurer’s Report but Daryl said our bank balance remains at $4167.81. Currently membership numbers are being reviewed as several on the list are no longer in the area or involved. Active membership is estimated to be from 125 to 150.

Brian Roggow was not available the ERAU Report.

No Representative from the Prescott Tower was available for the Tower Report.

The Airport Report was provided by Prescott Airport Operations Manager, Doug Whitney. The Airport Terminal project prep is moving along nicely with groundbreaking expected in October. United Express, Our local Airline seems to be doing well with good passenger loads. Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli and, City Manager Michael Lamar traveled to the Paris Air Show in June for the unveiling of “Alice” the all-electric plane that Israeli-based Eviation Aircraft plans to build in Prescott. The next big project in our future is the realignment and movement of taxiway Charlie 70’ west. That will eliminate taxiway Bravo along with most of our remaining airport traffic hot spots. That project should start construction during late summer or fall of 2020. In the past, a few pilots have misidentified Taxiway C for runway 21R. With the new, bigger and closer taxiway C that may be even more of an issue for unfamiliar pilots. To mitigate that problem Runway end Identification Lights will be installed on Runway 21R and they will remain on whenever runway 21R is in use. Still on the backburner is extending the length of runway 21L – 3R but that is at least 5 years out and probably more. The City of Prescott and ERAU will host another Airshow this October. Airshow practice will take place on October 4th and the show itself will follow on Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6. The theme of the show will be to honor our men and woman of World War II and will focus on the invasion of Normandy. It will open with a C47 dropping paratroopers over the airport. The Special Guest of Honor for this event will be Prescott resident David Hamilton, C47 pilot who was a very active part of the invasion of Normandy and D Day. Still in the planning stage is a World War II era dance party but that’s still a long way off from being finalized.

Daryl opened the floor to comments, concerns, suggestions or new items. With none being raised Daryl encouraged members to attend The Airport Advisory Board meeting if they wish more details on what going on at our airport. This is a public meeting. Our next PAUA meeting will be on August 20th at 4 PM. The Airport Advisory Board Meeting will be at the same location at 2 PM. The meeting was adjourned at 4:37 PM.

Mike Liversidge filling in for PAUA Secretary Terry L. Marshall

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