PAUA Board Meeting Minutes August 20, 2019

PAUA Board Meeting Minutes

August 20, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM by PAUA President Daryl Austmiller. Board Members present were Greg Schindel, Brian Roggow, Ted Wickstrom, Currie Lee, Terry Marshall, and Bill DeRouchey.

Greg reported our bank balance is $4167.

Minutes from July were approved.

Currie: GPS outages should be reported to the tower. Information collected is important to the numerous studies.

ERAU: Brian – Dr Carlson started at ERAU replacing Dr Ayers on August 1. A new ERAU semester will start next week with a 2x increase of students for the flight program. This dramatic increase will create pressure for all flight activities at KPRC from September thru November.

Airport: Doug- New tower permit completed and contractor ready for groundbreaking on September 26. Formal ground break ceremony is October 4. Planning on 14 month construction cycle.

Suzies will stay open during construction and will need to apply if they are interested in continuing restaurant after the new terminal is completed. There will be a walkway between the new and old terminal during construction.

Hanger inspection issues were typically wiring and fire extinguishers. A letter to each hanger where there were no issues did not go out – but will.

Eviation full size electric aircraft is in old North Air hanger which has been leased from city for 3 years. Hanger is currently being refurbished.

Early Regional Jet departures for Denver have been typically late departing due to weather and other reasons. Customers should be seeing improvement.

Construction to move Taxiway “C” 75 feet west should begin in 12 months.

Jeff Tripp has been added to airport staff to help with ancillary projects. “Friends of the Airport” has been assigned to sort out Airport Art and Jeff is the airport liaison.

Firefighting personnel need recurrent training on actual aircraft fires each year. Prescott is hosting this training for surrounding airports September 26 thru 28. Instructing crews need specialized equipment to perform this training and extending the opportunity for the geographic area could become an annual event which saves money for the cities.

Wings Over West event at Embry Riddle is October 5. Theme this year is recognition of the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Landing. Gates open 8AM, Airshow 10AM-12:30, and EAA breakfast. Automobile parking this year will be on the east side using Runway 30. TFR will be in effect during airshow.

Bits & Pieces – The land under Rwy 12 arrival has been graded and will be utilized as commercial pads. Legend FBO, Monarch Hangers, and the Monarch bare land has been sold to JetPort. Transaction closes September 24.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00PM.

Submitted by Bill DeRouchey

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