The meeting was called to order by Bill DeRouchey at 4PM Tuesday, October 15. Board members present were Bill DeRouchey, Ted Wickstrom, Brian Roggow, Currie Lee, and Gregg Schindel.

A motion was made for approval of the minutes of the previous meeting, was seconded and approved.

Currie Lee reported that the website is continuing to operate with no problems.

Treasurer Gregg Schindel reported a balance of $4,197.81, unchanged from last month.

Doug Whitney and Brian Roggow reported on the upcoming National Intercollegiate Flight Association (NIFA) event which will affect airport operations starting Saturday, October 26 through Friday, November 1. NOTAM's will be in effect on certain days and times during those dates resulting in closures of runway 21R/3L. North ramp and access to self-service fuel will also be impacted.

Robin Sobotta reported that the City of Prescott is taking proposals for airport land /or facilities sales but did not have further information at this time.

Robin Sobotta and Doug Whitney talked at some length about a concerning increase in ramp and taxiway incursions over the past three months involving automobiles and pedestrians. The attachment to the minutes shows a slide presented at the board meeting by Robin Sobotta detailing dates and incidents. Also shown are possible corrective strategies about which there was much discussion. Airport administration is responsible to responding to the FAA with specific corrective actions to preclude recurrence of such incidents.

Brian Roggow gave a brief overview of his impressions regarding the October 5 airshow but did not yet have data regarding attendance. He also mentioned upcoming events including an FAA Safety Seminar regarding icing on October 23 and an iPad/Foreflight workshop on November 9.

The final item of the agenda related to the upcoming PAUA election of officers. Curry Lee, Mike Liversidge, Bill DeRuchey, and Gregg Schindel will not be running for reelection for 2020. President Daryl Austermiller is actively soliciting members who are interested in filling one of these exciting positions!

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