The meeting was called to order by President Daryl Austermiller at 16:03.

• The November meeting minutes of the PAUA were passed by motion.

• Bank account balance as of 12/31/19 was $4,197.81.

• New board members Patrick Allen and Ed Setzer were welcomed to the board.

• Board Positions:

• DarylAustermiller President

• DaveBurden VicePresident

• BrianRoggow Embry-Riddle

• BrianAnderson Tower

• LanceLeighnor Secretary

• EdSetzer WebSite • DaveRoy AOPA • TimJordan AtLargeo

• PatrickAllen AtLargeo

• TerryMarshall Treasurer

• City Report

• 3% hangar rent increase, about .01/sqft. • City is looking into running WIFI to hangars and pavement improvement. • EAS bids are out, should have more information in 2nd week of February.

• Taxiway Charlie project bid 5/2020, July/August 2020 start. • Planning study is underway for runway length expansion. • GA gates access change is on hold pending EAS contract; if bid is for >61 seat

aircraft, TSA approved access will have to be in place by 9/1/2020 when new

contract starts. • Get on wait list for shades/hangars, will support money for improvements; 237 small

hangars, estimated people actually ready for a hangar is ~ 35. • Sky port could not reach agreement with the City on purchase of Legend Aviation

and the Monarch hangars. • Three city council members were at the Aviation Advisory Committee meeting.

• Embry-Riddle Report • 385 flight students last year, more than 600 this year, expecting 60 new this spring.

• Wings Out West 2019 won ICAS Best Small Airshow Award; 60 shows were in the

• running.

• The Annual Pilot’s & Controller forum will be on 3/21 at the Davis Learning Center on

the Embry-Riddle Campus. • A motion was made and passed for PAUA to spend $250 for refreshments insupport

of the forum.

Meeting adjourned at 16:53.

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