The meeting was called to order by President Daryl Austermiller at 16:33; a quorum was present. To minimize exposure to COVID-19, the meeting was limited to the Board rather than open to all members.

The October 20, 2020 bank balance was $3,623.81. The most significant expense was purchase of D&O insurance, as approved at the June meeting, for $964.00.

We welcomed two new members: Danny Harris and Mike Coligney.

Lance Leighnor reported the following progress on the new website:

  • A new server has been set up.

  • Some of the software available to Lance has been used, at no cost to the Association.

  • Next steps: migrating the pieces for the new website; initiating on line payments and member sign-up sheet; and switching to a new domain name pointer.

Embry-Riddle report:

  • Brian Roggow will complete this year as our Embry-Riddle representative and then continue with the Board as an at-large member. Morgan Gillispie will become our Embry-Riddle representative as of January 2021.

  • Despite COVID-19, flight line operations are within a few percent of normal.

  • By the numbers: 3,000 total students, about 300 first year Air Science and more than 800 total Air Science students, and more than 40 aircraft.

PRC airport report:

  • Extension of the runway to 11,000 feet is planned with current best-case estimates of five years and $65 million cost.

  • Tower visibility is an issue with options for a remote camera, remote tower, or a new tower being considered.

  • SkyWest had September load factors of 72% for Denver and 36% for LAX.

The potential for converting the Association’s legal form to a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation was discussed. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to allocate $275 to apply for this status.

Daryl will form a nominating committee for next year’s Board positions.

With extensive discussion, the Association Bylaws were reviewed and comments collected. Daryl will circulate a draft with proposed amendments prior to the next meeting.

There was discussion of resuming educational programs at the general meeting. One possibility is to use the Boldmethod ( digital content.

The annual member meeting will be held in Dave’s hangar on November 17.

The meeting was adjourned at 16:47.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Setzer, Secretary

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